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Hiking Trails

Pigs head day hike

If you stand at the parking area at the mouth of the Groot river estuary and look in a North easterly direction you will see a rocky outcrop overlooking the estuary that looks like a Pigs head.

You can get to the top of Pigs head from the beach by following the signs.

It quite a steep climb but worth the effort. A panoramic and spectacular view awaits those at the top. 


Hiking Trails1

Tsitsikamma Hiking trail

Hiking the Tjsitsikamma is a 6 day walk and starts at Natures Valley and ends at Storms river and is approximately 60km long.
Day1: Natures Valley to Kalander hut 4km
Day2: Kalander to Bloukrans hut 14km
Day3: Bloukrans to Keurbos hut 14km
Day4: Keurbos to Heuningbos hut 14km
Day5:Heuningbos to Sleepkloof hut 14km
Day6: Sleepkloof to Storms River 4km

Signing in at the  Otter trail - best hike in South Africa


Have you done the Otter? This is a question that is asked at many a get together or braai. The reason being that is is probably the best hiking experience and trail in South Africa.
The trail starts at the Storms River mouth in the Eastern Cape and ends after a five day hike and 43 kilometers at Nature's Valley in the Western Cape.
Hikers usualy leave their vehicles at Natures Valley and get a lift or take organised transportation to the registration and orientation center .
From the orientation centre it is a short walk to the start and the experience of a lifrtime.
1st Day: Start at the Orientation centre and end at Ngubu hut.
Distance of aproximately 4.9km.
An easy level walk to get you warmed up.
2nd Day: Ngubu hut to Scott hut
Distance of aproximately 8 km.
Climb and walk to Skilderkrans cross Kleinbos river walk along the beach to Scott.
3rd Day: Scott hut to Oakhurst
Distance of approximately 7.6km.
Walk along the coastline across Geelhoutbos river ; Elandsbos river; Lottering river to Oakhurst hut.
4th Day:Oakhurst hut to Andrè hut
Distace of aproximately 14km
The biggest obstacle for the day would be to cross the Bloukrans river at low tide.
This may require you to start hiking at an early hour to cath the low tide.
5th Day Andrè hut to Natures Valley
Distance: Aproximately 7km
The hike will take you the last stretch over the Klip and Helpmekaar rivers to Natures Valley where you may hang up your boots at the Natures Vally restaurant while relaxing and discssing anunforgetable experience.