Fishing at Natures Valley is not only rewarding as far as catch is concerned but an interesting experience as far as location and terrain is concerned.

Accommodation can be had at the many guest houses and meals are available from the local restaurant.

As far as fishing goes there are many spots along the beach from Natures Valley to the Salt River mouth.

Angling from the beach.

 Beach angling stretches for about 2km along from the protected reserve area on the North side of the groot river mouth to the start of the mountainess outcrop on the south side of entrance No1.

Off the rocks at entrance No1.

Plateau of rocks just on the South side of entrance No.1 will let you reach a little further offshore, but watch the tide.

Klippies bay.

About 500m toward Salt river mouth you come across "Klippies" bay and as the name suggests the beach is strewn with small pebbles. A beautiful site indeed. Just remember the taking of souvenirs is forbidden.  

The Cracker hole.

The Cracker hole is just on the south side of "Klippies" Bay and is renowned for the catching of Muscle cracker.

Salt river mouth.

Interesting cathes at the mouth of the Salt river depending on the weather and tides.

Groot River estuary

Then there is fine fishing in the Groot river estuary at Natures Valley.
The tide brings in an abundance of fish on occasion and there is ample opportunity to make a good catch.
Grunter, Garrick, Steenbras, Cob and Elf have been caught in the estuary.

Prawns can be pumped at the estuary or local fresh mussels.

Fishing is a blast at Natures Valley and if the fish don't bite the scenery is beautiful.